Here at MDFI, we teach everything based on the whole person concept of a responsibly armed citizen. Mindset is the first and arguably the most important part about defending yourself and others. Having a proper mindset and understanding the mindset of those that would do us harm is crucial, and the expertise that Dr. William Aprill brings to the table is second to none. We are very proud to be able to bring him to the MDFI Alumni.

Aprill Risk Consulting


Dr. William Aprill is a licensed mental health professional with over 15 years experience. He is a former deputy sheriff (Orleans Parish, LA, Criminal Sheriff’s Office) and Special Deputy US Marshal (Eastern District of Louisiana), a decorated competitive shooter and has taught civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel in various fighting skills since 1990. Under the auspices of Aprill Risk Consulting, William has presented his material on violent criminals and their decision-making, defensive incident aftermath, mindset development and defensive preparedness locally and nationally.

UNTHINKABLE: The Criminal Mindset

8 Hour Class
Class Cost:
$220 (A $100 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required to hold your spot. The remaining $100 in tuition and a $20 venue fee is due the day of class)

Unthinkable is, in brief, a tour of the dark side of our society: criminal violence. In one very full day, attendees will undertake a fast-paced and interactive overview of how Violent Criminal Actors think as they decide whom to victimize, focusing on our demeanor and behavior for cues that we appear easily victimized.  The day will finish with an in-depth review of the psychological and social development of VCAs, with particular attention paid to incorporating this knowledge into a powerful, adaptive mindset of self-protection.

  • How do violent criminals think of us, and how do they target us?
  • How are human monsters made, and born?
  • What do we do when faced with unknown threats, even against a drawn gun?

All these questions recall threats that any reasonable person would avoid at any cost. So why would anyone pay to spend a day immersed in exploration of those threats and more? Simply put, there is no way to develop an effective and adaptive defensive mindset without spending time in some fairly dark places.

This course will explore the above domains and skill sets, guiding students to the next step in developing their ability to protect themselves and those they love. For participants in this course, a systematic approach to enhancing personal safety will be undertaken in an engaging and fast-paced format over a very full day of training.

Since defensive awareness is rooted in realization of risk, and since defensive preparation adds the commitment to mitigation of threats, unifying those elements in defensive decision-making will be the emphasis of this course.

It is the goal of the instructor to drag awareness of risk from the back of the mind to its very forefront, ensuring that an actual life-threatening scenario will not be the first time participants have honestly faced what will be necessary. Participants in this course will be presented with some challenging truths about the world as it is and asked to make serious, personal changes in how they pre-pare for that world.

This seminar will include intensive, interactive lecture.

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  • None
  • Notepad + Writing Utensil
  • Snacks + Water (there will be a lunch break)


Video Below | A two-hour discussion originally broadcast on Practically Tactical that visits upon all aspects of the Unthinkable seminars.


  • Sunday
    October 20, 2019
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Remainder of class tuition ($100) + Venue Fee ($20) due at class with CASH or CHECK.



Chase, Michigan, 49656, United States

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Unthinkable w/ Dr. William Aprill
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Grant on Unthinkable w/ Dr. William Aprill

An outstanding and eye opening class that is an absolute must for everyone who wants to become a more well rounded individual. This is not just a "gun guy" class. If you find yourself out in public at all, this class is for you. If you have ever been approached by a panhandler or have been a victim of criminal violence, there's a reason for it and this class covers it in explicit detail. Highly recommended to everyone.

by Hagen F. on Unthinkable w/ Dr. William Aprill

Eight hours that seemed to go by in 30 minutes. Fascinating, highly researched, and methodical explication of the mind, methods, and world-view of the violent criminal actor (VCA). Understanding what goes on in the head of the VCA significantly increases the odds of being able to survive an encounter with one if he/they ever select you as a target, and Dr. Aprill provides a full forensic tour of the dark space between the VCA's ears. 110% worth the time and money. I'd already taken Varg Freeborn's "Violence of Mind" seminar and MDFI's WAGINAO, and "Unthinkable" was the third leg of the mindset Triad. Bonus: Dr. Aprill is as quick-witted and entertaining a speaker as I've ever heard, and his genuine desire to improve your survival odds is apparent from start to finish. Take this course.

by mike on Unthinkable w/ Dr. William Aprill

The Unthinkable lecture by Dr. William April should be a required class for all law abiding 2nd amendment adherents.