Tracking is one of the oldest disciplines of mankind. As humans have evolved, they have moved further and further from their roots as Trackers. MDFI is proud to have Greenside Training of Arizona as one of our Training Affiliates where MDFI Alumni can work on their situational awareness and truly weaponize the senses that we were all born with.  Anyone can be a Tracker, and Greenside Training will show you how.

Greenside Training

'Weaponize The Senses' Tracking Class

2-Day Class
Class Cost: $425 + $20/Day Venue Fee



The esteem of the American Tracker is well known amongst the warriors of our nation. Held in high regard for their ability to see and read tracks / signs that leave most people bewildered.  These Trackers are still among us, within our military, our law enforcement, and hiding within our communities. Ever vigilant should someday our nations people require their service against enemies foreign and domestic. Greenside's 'Weaponize the Senses" course will teach you how to effectively identify, interpret, and follow trails in various environments and conditions. Your Tracking mentor will lead you through a highly effective process designed to instill the fundamentals necessary in creating true hunters of men. Greenside teaches material that is not taught by any other tracking school. Our techniques are meant to supplement and enhance those tracking concepts taught by our fellow tracking schools in the United States.

DAY 1:
Students are immediately evaluated on their current levels of visual detection, tracking, and overall awareness through various exercises that are evaluated by the tracking mentor (instructor). The practical application portion of Day 1 will take place in a sand trap or spoor pit: a 20’x 20’ area where tracks can be easily identified by the whole class. Different types of movement will be analyzed and the students will end the exercise with a team on team contest where they will demonstrate the ability to identify variations of mechanical components.

DAY 2:
The students will be introduced to the skills of interpreting ground sign and aging trails by the tracker identifying marks, impressions and their sources and linking them to personnel, objects, or locations. Aging is taught by collecting information on target indicators (anything which reveals the presence of the enemy) in a controlled environment. This is done in an aging lab, which is a 10x10 boxed off area. Trackers will then learn how to track with 2 people or more during confirmation drill #2. Finally the students will demonstrate that they have earned the Greenside Tracker Patch by attempting to track a subject or subjects during a final scenario.


  • None


  • A Willingness to Learn
  • Binoculars
  • Digital Camera (Cell Phone Camera Works)
  • Food + Water (Expect Only Snack Breaks All Day)
  • First Aid / Trauma Kit
  • Bee Sting Kit (if needed)
  • Day Pack
  • Note Taking Materials
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pocket Mirror
  • High Output Flashlight
  • Handguns are NOT required
    (However, they may be carried IAW applicable law).