Self Defense is not just about carrying a gun and the time to try and learn personal skills is NOT when you or someone else is bleeding out!!! When life expectancy is measured in seconds and help is minutes away, will you know what to do? In our uncertain lives, that is a question that we all need to be able to answer a resounding, “Yes!” to.

Dark Angel Medical

MDFI is proud to host our amazing medical mentors at Dark Angel Medical for an absolutely MUST HAVE class for the responsible citizen regardless of if they choose to bear arms or not.

Dark Angel Medical is a veteran-owned business with a combined total of over 20 years of medical training and work in both the military and civilian healthcare fields, pre-hospital care, flight medicine and intra-hospital work with concentration in emergency and critical care medicine as well as competitive shooting. They offer the D.A.R.K. (Direct Action Response Kit) which has carefully selected, combat-proven components with a low learning curve enabling almost anyone to be able to deploy and utilize the kit. In a time-is-life event you need simplicity. That’s what Dark Angel Medical is all about.


Class Cost:
$420 without DARK Med Kit
$570 with DARK Med Kit ($180 value)
Additional $40 venue fee (covers both days) paid CASH OR CHECK on Day 1

This class is for anybody and should be a priority for EVERYBODY. Come learn critical life-saving skills with MDFI and Dark Angel Medical.

Direct Action Response Training (D.A.R.T.) fills a niche between military self-aid/buddy care training and civilian EMS training and is geared towards those with little to no medical training or background. It provides the student with critical, need-to-know information, which can be utilized in a myriad of situations and stresses the ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ principle as well as our own principle of “Simplicity Under Stress”.

The course is 2 days in length with a total of 16 hours of classroom work to include slide presentations, videos, question and answer sessions and hands-on practical skills application.

D.A.R.T. is approved for 16 hours of continuing education units for Nationally Registered EMT's and Paramedics. Course number will be printed on certificates. If you require these hours, please enter your National Registry number and certification expiration date in the "Order Notes" section during checkout so that credit will be received.
For Full Course Description see link under Available Classes.


  • Note Taking Material
  • Med Kit (if you have one)


Class Cost: $450
Additional $40 venue fee (covers both days) paid CASH OR CHECK on Day 1

DART 2, is a two-day course designed to refresh and increase your knowledge of injuries and treatments. The course will engage skills and knowledge earned in the initial DART course in a realistic training environment. DART 2 will add additional medical/ trauma procedures to your toolbox. Stress will be gradually introduced to scenarios, including moulage (simulated injuries), visuals/sounds and role-players to better prepare you for when emergency strikes. Students will be loaned a training DARK kit to better familiarize themselves with use and equipment throughout the weekend.


  • Previous Civilian/LE/MIL Medical or Trauma Training
    (Not Required but Recommended: D.A.R.T. 1)

Requirements / Student Needs to Bring: 

  • 6 Sets of thrift store quality clothes (willing to be “bled on”/cut up/ ruined)
  • Note taking materials
  • Clean set of clothes to leave the training area in at end of day
  • ALL STUDENTS will need to wear compression/ form fitting undergarments. Female students will need to wear sports bra or similar.
  • ***Students may bring work equipment such as plate carriers/ helmets to train for daily duties, but may be asked to remove them for certain scenarios. Any equipment brought runs the risk of being permanently stained/ potentially damaged and participants will hold harmless any instructor, affiliate, host or anyone otherwise associated with Dark Angel Medical, LLC from any liability. It is recommended to bring of a training version of these items***Disclaimer:
    Training will include the cutting/ removal of clothing with fellow students and role players, undergarments will not be removed. See above required item list for ensuring that private areas are kept private.


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Dark Angel Medical

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by Kevin on Dark Angel Medical

Mike taught an excellent DART class and has a great personality. There is one suggestion for prospective students; buy a training tourniquet (blue) at the same time that you buy a medical kit from Dark Angel. Your own training TQ is helpful in class, and a training TQ is needed for at home practice, anyway. You may as well buy the training TQ at the same time you buy the medical kit. IMHO, the CAT TQ was easier for me to use, but Mike shows us how to use a variety of TQs.